Some owners do choose to manage their property themselves and do it successfully, however consider the time required to collect on- time rent, arrange on going maintenance, select the best tenants and conduct regular routine inspections.  Most owners find the relatively small cost of hiring a professional to do the above and more is a great investment.



One of the most common misconceptions about finding an agent to manage your property is that they need to be located in the neighborhood.  Long gone are the days when prospective tenants went from agency to agency looking for homes to rent in any given area.  They simply don’t have the time.  Almost 100% of our enquiries now comes from the internet.   This means we can quickly and easily lease properties in very large geographic areas.  Through CoreLogic we have the ability to assess the market in any area to determine what the right amount of rent is for a particular property.


This is a common question and there is no guarantee on how long it takes to rent a property however the better your property is presented, the more realistic the rental amount that you are asking and the better the agent who is letting your property, the quicker it will be leased.


Your property investments are your future so don’t tolerate anything other than exceptional service!


We understand how important regular property inspections are for our landlord’s peace of mind. That is why we conduct routine inspections and provide you with updated inspection and progress reports on the tenancy

Rent Arrears

We keep a close eye on rent payments and follow up promptly should payments fall into arrears. We then recover payments in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.


A fully itemized statement is forwarded to you each month and an annual statement is provided at the end of each financial year. Copies of maintenance invoices are also provided for your income tax records.

Our role is to make your property a stress free asset

Lease Re-negotiations

Landlords and tenants are notified well before the expiry of a lease.

At this time a new lease may be negotiated or the tenancy can continue on a month to month basis.

Saving you time

To save you time and inconvenience you can arrange for us to pay the following expenses on you behalf

  • Council Rates
  • Water Rates
  • Body corporate levies
  • Insurance premiums
  • Any other property related charges


You need to feel safe with your investment. We recommend all landlords take out property insurance to cover fixtures and fittings as well as the building itself. Many insurance companies offer landlord insurance and other similar packages.


The Residential Tenancies List deals with disputes arising between landlords and tenants. In the event of a dispute we can:

  • Apply to VCAT for resolution
  • Attend any tribunal hearing on your behalf to present the case.

Your first step to a successful property portfolio

It’s the little things that make a big difference to your investment and peace of mind.